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Are you planning to excel in the field of AgriTech? Then this video is for you, we have Mr. Tejas Sonkule, Founder & CEO of Kisanlends & AgriFarms as an expert who is answering the basic question to start your career in the field of AgriTech.

Current Opportunities in Indian Agriculture:

Indian agriculture is facing formidable challenges in the form of decreasing agricultural land against a rising population, small and fragmented land holdings, poor quality of seeds, lack of mechanization, lack of analytics and data, and low yield per unit crop. But a lot of new opportunities open in agritech day by day.

How Agritech Start-ups are Revolutionising Indian Agriculture:

In India, there are almost 50 unicorn start-ups in India but not a single one pertains to Agri-Tech. Thus, here lies a major growth opportunity. Various Agri-Tech startups are working in diversified ways like Precession Farming, Smart Farming, and Agriculture Marketplace.

Agriculture in India so far has not been part of the tech revolution, despite being an industry that provides employment to almost half the country. However, we see the next decade being dominated by Agri-Tech future Unicorns, which shall bring about a shift in the Agri ecosystem.

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