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While India is still known for its practices in the field of organic agriculture, there are a few challenges that India has seen in recent years. With the factors mentioned above, there are a lot of committed farmers trying to make it happen organically across India.


The research will examine the experiences of farmers involved in organic farming across three diverse regions. The case, or phenomena, of study is organic agriculture in the three different regions, and the embedded units of analysis are each individual farms/farmers.


And perhaps the most telling is the fact that all farmers said the quality of life has improved for themselves and their families since starting to farm organically. That gave us great confidence in CSA, and from that, the CSA would set up groups meetings, community meetings, farmers meetings, and from that help get organic farming started in that area. Access to the NGO was vital for farmers taking interest in, or even knowing, about organic farming.


With such rising costs, and the possibility that the land would be completely unavailable to farming, Arvind Pande had his future in agriculture in question. Arvind said that he had to switch over to inorganic methods to organic because farming without inorganic methods was not viable or profitable in the long term. Arvind Pande was previously extensively involved in agriculture using Inorganic methods using various chemicals, a few years ago, he switched over to Organic agriculture.


Arvind Pande is an aspiring Organic Farmer from the village of Hamariya, Bankhedi tehsil, Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh, who has over 70 acres of agricultural land. His farms organic produce, made from the natural surroundings, does not have enough of a market. Organic farming has many environmental benefits over conventional agriculture such as reduced soil erosion, reduced nitrates leaching into the groundwater and surface waters, recycled animal waste, etc. Organic farming is an integrated system for producing food, that takes care of the health of an agriculture ecosystem including environment, biocycle, and soil.

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