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When you’re working in Farmland, the last thing you want to do in the summer heat is work harder in India. Pumping, plugs, cords… these little nuisances can make your day a lot longer. With battery-powered sprayers, you can avoid all of these problems and get your work done faster; here are some huge advantages Agri Farms Kisanlends sprayers hold over the competition.

1. Easy to use. 

Eliminates the Requirement of External Batteries and Machines used in agriculture all you have to do is pull the trigger to release an even, continuous spray of liquid, with no manual labor required. Your cost is tremendously cut throw this method. Offer Cost-Efficient Solutions. and also Save Your Hours in Spraying Pesticides.

2. Long-lasting and rechargeable Batteries.

  • To recharge, all you have to do is pop the battery out and plug it in, eliminating the need to buy new ones.
  • A battery and charger come included in all SprayMate sprayers, making this transition easy and cheap!
  • Battery agricultural sprayers are the best ways to save valuable time and money. Simultaneously, you will expect to get a hassle-free solution from lithium-ion-powered sprayers. Hence, battery sprayers are more efficient than manual sprayers used for agricultural purposes.

3) Easily portable & Customizable.

“farmers in India usually do not have access to UTVs and ATVs for transporting their sprayers between two points. Luckily, one can now have power sprayers, which give enough flexibility for spraying water, pesticides, and other chemicals comfortably from utility carts.”

You can easily change out different nozzles or extension wands, allowing you to specialize your sprayer to the project you’re completing at the time.

Kisanlends Agri Farms sprayers help you get projects done up to 3x faster than a hand pump sprayer, with a long-lasting battery, lightweight build, and backpack straps. You are able to quickly dispense liquids without taking time to pump, saving time and chemicals while saving yourself from fatigue. Change the Way You Spray!
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