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Procure a Reservoir
A reservoir is essentially the container wherein you’ll be storing your nutrient-rich culture water. This container is usually made of plastic or any other non-oxidizing material and one can also use old fish tanks as used in BFT fishing to make this container. This is where the water is stored before it is circulated in the hydroponic system and a similar container is often used to collect the water back.

The collected water is reinforced with nutrients and the same water thereby keeps traveling in the hydroponic system for a long time. One no-go area for these reservoirs is reactive materials such as metal – avoid using containers made of such material in order to prevent contamination of your water which could meddle with the nutrient mix and react negatively with the plants.

Build a system of Grow Trays or Grow Chambers
In order to maximize utilization of a tank of nutrient-rich water, it is imperative to maximize the surface area that this water can touch and thereby provide the nutrient-rich culture to more plants than if such plants were grown directly in the reservoir. To achieve this objective, grow-trays and grow-chambers are connected to each other such that this water can flow into a pipe-like system at the bottom of these trays and feed a monumentally larger number of these saplings than otherwise. The use of trays also ensures that the water keeps moving and aerating, and thereby remains nutrient-rich till the very end of the system.

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