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What is Climate Resilience? 

The issue of abrupt climate change is, indeed, quite stressful, especially for agriculture. To begin with, due to the ever-growing persona of the temperature of the world, the shelf-life of the fruits is decreasing prominently. Furthermore, according to some agro-products companies, the same issue can increase the number of pests, which affect the agricultural field massively. Owing to this reason, implementing a climate-resilient system has become imperative for every agricultural farm in India. So, let’s learn more about this aspect. 

Climate resilience, in essence, refers to a type of adaptive capacity, which enables you to defy the extremity of climate changes. It helps you and your farm to absorb the stresses and maintain meticulous functionality through and through. 

An agro-products company, can also improve the sustainability of the agricultural system and make it more flexible. With the ever-rising awareness regarding climate change, the employment of a climate resilience system has become pretty essential. 

However, it does require a hefty amount of financial backup. Due to this reason, the culture is yet to arrive in India prominently. 

How to Address the Threats Posed by Climate Change? 

The threats posed by climate change cannot be obliterated in a single day. It will require time, patience, and proficiency to deal with the same. However, heading into the battle, an agro-products company will need to achieve sustainable development goals from its end. Here is everything that needs to be in their planning – 

  • Nutrient and water management to improve overall productivity and the utilization of resources 
  • Conserving the agricultural practices to create a congenial environment and soil organic carbon to improve plant growth and managing manure 
  • Timely monitoring of the crops by the agro-advisors to ensure their quality 
  • Affluent adaptation of suitable mitigation technologies, like the cultivation of climate-tolerant breeds to prevent climate stress 

Why Does India Need It? 

Climate poses to be quite influential in the Indian agricultural sector. Therefore, it becomes quintessential for everyone in the country to implement a climate-resilient agriculture system. By doing so, they can achieve the following benefits – 

  • Due to climate change, various agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables, tend to get rotten quicker than usual. Hence, by employing the climate resilience system, an agro-products company can improve its shelf life quite effectively. 
  • Recently, the patterns of drought have started changing quite intricately. Therefore, instead of tracking them, it would be better for the farmers to use tolerant crops. This way, it will be easier for them to handle the climate issue proficiently. The tolerant breeds can be used in livestock for the same reason as well.
  • Water management can be another possible solution for the Indian states, which deal with water issues prominently. Some of the techniques that might be beneficial in this aspect are – 
    • Reuse wastewater 
    • Greenhouse 
    • Laser land leveling 
    • Deficit irrigation 
    • Drainage management 
    • Implementing a rainwater harvesting structure 
    • Irrigation scheduling 

Aside from this, adopting a zero-tillage system can also help farmers to improve their crop yields massively. 


So, these are some of the reasons, which make the implementation of a resilient agricultural system extremely imperative. Hopefully, the employment of the same will be done as soon as possible and uplift the current condition of Indian agriculture prominently. 

JS Bin