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WWF works with a coalition of global partners to advance the sustainable production and use of cotton through various means. Indian cotton farmers now make up 21% of the worlds total. Of course, there is more than one reason for this growth of Indian cotton farming.

Cotton yields have increased by two-and-three-quarters since Bt cotton seeds were first planted in Andhra Pradesh, with farmers earning Rs4,500 crore per year as additional revenue from using Bt hybrid cotton seeds, compared with the non-Bt varieties. Even with Bt cotton, which is the only genetically modified crop approved for and used in India, 90% of the seeds used by farmers are manufactured in Indian companies. The farmers costs of Bt cotton hybrid seeds constitute about five per cent of his overall crop input costs, whereas labor and fertilizer costs constitute more than 30 per cent of his input costs. This added cost for seeds stems from complex relationships between farmers and employees at cotton companies, which frequently undercut small-scale farmers.

Monsanto made more money than was agreed in contracts, and it assumed none of the risks that the cotton companies and farmers took on. The final royalty agreement signed between Monsanto and Burkinabe partners apparently gave Monsanto 28 percent of the added value of the GM cotton, with the rest going to farmers and cotton companies. The royalty contracts used a inflated estimate of the yield (30 per cent) to determine the amount of added value derived from GM cotton. The partnership led a total of 573 commercial farmers into cotton, with a projected high yield.

The results following application of Agricultural nutrition program on Cotton farming are spectacular. The story seemed to be all doom and gloom, with no light at the end of the tunnel, since the majority of farmers had abandoned the cotton industry to pursue other crops such as corn and small grains. The tale of cotton, the white gold, was not any more exciting for farmers across the country because of viability issues and falling prices for cotton on international markets.


To compensate for any possible loss of crop productivity associated with natural methods of cultivation, my brother increased his cotton plantings about 45 percent, planting his cotton in more compact rows, planting two rows closely followed by one row, etc. That same year, Vijay produced a massive 35 quintals of cotton in his farmhouse, setting the standard that others would follow. The cotton-producing network of the country has grown steadily since the beginning, in terms of the areas under cultivation, number of producers, seed cotton production, fiber cotton, and yields.


Its 2008 adoption of genetically modified cotton for small-scale farmers was heralded as an example of how such technologies can mitigate poverty and food insecurity while protecting crops against pests and increasing yields. This is especially relevant for understanding if and how genetically modified crops can help poor, women, and marginalized farmers.

Previous studies of Burkina Faso detail how local dynamics may shape how much farmers benefit from producing cotton. Mr. Ingle has also recommended using Bt cotton farms, because Bt varieties of cotton are more pest-resistant, as well as generating better production.


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