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In terms of trends of global dried fruit market, increasing demand for natural and organic ingredients, consumers desire for healthier products, and increasing number of consumers who prefer to buy products with a clean label are expected to offer lucrative opportunities to manufacturers and giant players in dried fruit market over the coming years. The growing R&D activities and the launch of new products by major key players are strengthening the market globally. Dry fruit market is estimated to generate remarkable growth rates during the mentioned timeframe for a number of reasons, with increasing health awareness amongst consumers being a prominent one. Moreover, Asia-Pacific Regional Market is expected to hold a larger global share during the projection period, owing to increasing demand of dried fruits in the region.




Europe is expected to retain the lions share in the forecast period because of growing demand for dried grapes, dried dates, and dried apricots in European countries. The growing awareness about the health benefits of dried fruits will help expand the world dried fruits market to China, India, and Vietnam. The increasing sales of breakfast cereals such as muesli and granola, which use organic dried fruits as a major component, will further stimulate opportunities in this market. The over-demand of smaller-sized blended dried fruit packs, snack bars, and breakfast bars infused with whole or minimally processed dried fruits will speed up growth in the dry fruits market globally.




High fragmentation of dried fruits products markets coupled with a lack of brand recognition and absence of consumer loyalty are emerging as the major drivers for increasing retail sales of dried fruits to supplement the nutritional value in meals. Acquisition is the key strategy adopted by many companies for increasing the dry fruits and nuts manufacturing and packaging capacity in order to meet global demand and enhance competition in the market. The increasing popularity of organic, natural, minimally processed food products is expected to contribute to healthy market growth. In North America, a growing retail market is adding fuel to the growth with widespread acceptance of packaged foods that have nourishing ingredients.




Per capita consumption of nuts and dried fruits is still very low, in comparison with the United States and other developed markets. While the industry is still highly fragmented, companiesa claim to be the largest players in the market. Now, we are seeing those traditional ideas being infused with modernity, creating a fascinating space for this folk icon of Indian heritage. The Indian dried fruits industry is now valued at Rs15,000 crore ($2 billion) and is estimated to grow to Rs30,000 crore ($4 billion) by 2020, according to the chairman of Royal Dried Fruits Range, a urban-based dried fruits retail chain. Indian sweets (mithai), nuts, and dried fruits are certainly the most popular choices to give as gifts at festivals and marriages. These dried fruits and nuts are sold mainly unpackaged in India, while branded products are mainly imported. The products you can start selling in Indian markets are nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, dates, figs, etc.




Do market research before you start importing these from other countries to know the demand for these products as it is essential to avoid having a lot of imported dried fruits lying around if the Indian market does not demand for it enough. The Global Organic Dry Fruits Market research report would give valuable insights focusing on the worldwide markets including some major players like National Raisin, Sun Sweet, Rind Snacks LLC, Malatya Apricot, California Dried Fruit, Great Value Foods LLP, Sunbeam, Traina, Levubu, and Brothers, among others. The size of Organic dried fruit market is growing moderately at substantial rate over the past several years and is estimated that market is going to grow considerably over the projection period which is from 2021 to 2028. Dried fruits like apples, strawberries, apricots, and others contribute in adding distinctive flavors and textures to end products, supporting a growing food service sector to provide better quality baked, dairy, and confectionary products.



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