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The dry fruits market is estimated to be worth $13.22 billion by 2022, and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period 2018-2022. India is one of the major producers and consumers of dried fruits in the world. Dry fruits are essential ingredients in various cuisines all around the world, and they are enjoyed by people of all ages. In India, various dry fruit-based desserts are very popular, such as halwa, shrikhand, payasam, and pithy. Other than this, the market for dry fruits is also expanding to include healthy foods such as muesli bars and powders.

When the amount of moisture content becomes less or gets lost through natural means or artificially by processing in factories, then the dry fruits are formed. In the global market, there is a high demand for dry fruits. Dry fruits are not grown in many parts. Rather, they are confined to specific zones. Besides these, dry fruits need a considerable amount of packaging and processing. As a result, the price of dry fruits increases.

Based on the prospects of dry fruits, which have been growing in India for the past few years, it can be said that the market for the selling of dry fruits belongs to a higher potential. Since dry fruits facilitate a consumer with a wide number of benefits, especially taking good care of their health, they can be considered as an important healthy food that can be included in people’s healthy diet.

Since the income of the people has been increasing and at the same time they are getting health conscious, the demand for dry fruits may have a rise in the graph. These fruits can be regarded as antioxidants and provide way better nutrition than other processed foods. And so it can be said that these fruits can be treated as an agent to resist many harmful diseases.

Dry fruits like cashew nuts are known to increase brain capacity, prepare the body with a strong immune system, and also increase the quality of bones. It is for this reason that physical trainers support cashew nuts to be included in their daily diets. So cashew nut Prices increase considerably in the long run.

Almonds are excellent fruits that initiate and control the blood sugar levels in the body. Besides regulating the amount of cholesterol content and maintaining a steady blood pressure can also be represented as a reason why almond prices are increasing day by day and illustrates the prospects of business it carries with it.

Varieties of Businesses:

The dry fruit industry is of a wide nature than the other food products. It comprises processing, packaging, distributing, selling, and so on. As a consequence, it can be said that one can get involved in it in a wide variety of ways, and each of them has a wider scope which it provides in the whole of India.

Abiding some rules and requirements can help further:

Although the dry fruits market has a wider scope, at the same time, it should be important to consider that it also has a number of competitors. So to indulge in a healthy business with this product, one needs to make themselves separate from the other.

  • Target areas: At first, the owner needs to specify and point out the target areas where the sale of dry fruits would be higher, and the amount of Kaju prices should be controlled at a reasonable rate.
  • Capital: A dry fruit market is always in need of capital, so having a good foundation with a handsome amount of money, one can easily supervise the various steps which are taken to spread the dry fruits business across the country.
  • Maintaining the quality: In the case of dry fruits, quality speaks the ultimatum. So maintaining a better quality than others could help increase the supply and thereby growth of the market.
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