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Edible oil is getting more and more popular, and with good reason. Not only is it a delicious way to add flavor to your food, but it can also be used in many different ways. From cooking to cosmetics, edible oil is a versatile and powerful resource. If you’re curious about the edible oil market and what’s hot right now, read on for the latest information.

Most of the food in northern India is cooked using mustard oil. Since consumers these days check the quality of the products before buying, the inferior quality of the mustard oil affects the business at a higher pace.

To mitigate this problem, the following steps are taken to improve mustard production.

  • Use of bio-fertilizers: The use of chemical fertilizers after the introduction of the green revolution has enhanced growth. Although the growth has increased, the repeated use of chemicals in the soil has made the soil poisonous, and the resultant crop has turned poisonous. To deal with this issue, promoting the use of bio-fertilizers and manure can help improve the situation and enhance the quality of the rapeseed.
  • Presence of sulfur: Soils should be accomplished with a good concentration of sulfur which increases the production as well as the quality of the crop. To incorporate certain ways to maintain the sulfur content in the soil, mustard should be grown wider.  
  • Application of Water: Since mustard is a water-intensive crop, so to keep growing a better quality of mustard seed, rainfall and irrigation water is essential.
  • Change in farming methods: Organic farming methods should be encouraged to enhance the production of mustard and improve its quality.

Reasons for High Demand

Mustard oils are known to provide comprehensive value with respect to health.  

  • Anti-bacterial Properties: The antibacterial properties of mustard oil helps in the prevention of harmful disease-causing bacteria in the body.
  • Skincare: Mustard oil can be treated as an excellent option to keep healthy skin.
  • Pain relievers: Mustard oils work as an excellent pain killer. Massaging the oil on the pain-affected areas like severe leg pain or headache cures the problem.
  • Healthy heart: Mustard oil regulates the blood pressure in the body and promotes the condition of a healthy heart in the body.
  • Treats cold and cough: A pure mustard oil can be treated as an excellent repellent for the prevention of cold and cough in the body. Doctors also prescribe mustard oil to deal with when a patient is susceptible to catching a cold.
  • Prevents growth of cancerous cells: The use of mustard oil protects the body from developing dangerous cancerous cells.

How to Improve Mustard Oil Manufacturing

Since the benefits mentioned above are enough to increase the mustard seed price but to regulate and maintain a healthy business with the same, some valid points need to be considered by the manufacturer. These are:

  • Diversification of the product: Diversifying the product availability in cans, tetra packs, sachets, packets, etc., can help improve the business on a large scale throughout the region.
  • Campaigning: Advertising and promoting the quality nature of the product through intense processes of campaigns as well as taking in celebrity branding and endorsements could help improve the business. 

The edible oil market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during the forecast period 2020-2025. The growth of the edible oil market is mainly attributed to the increasing awareness about the health benefits of consuming edible oil. Moreover, increasing demand for healthy food is also fuelling the growth of this market. Rising obesity rates, rising infant mortality rates, and increasing consumption of unhealthy foods are some of the factors contributing to the growth of the edible oil market.

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