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Agriculture in India has been quite stagnant since the previous century owing to the prevalent usage of traditional methods. The issue has become even more prominent in the era of COVID-19 due to the no-risk-should-be-taken policy from the farmers. Although you can’t really blame them for their approach, it affects the future of the agro-products company, and agriculture is somewhat dormant. However, such a situation can be solved by implementing proper regulations, policies, and the establishment of farmer agencies. Here, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the same extensively. So, let’s get started right away! 

Introduction of Proper Policies 

After going inert for quite a while, the Indian government has introduced several reforms and policies in the agricultural cosmos. However, it has not been really effective, especially due to the smaller amount of scale it covers. For example, the price-related rules are needed to be improved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for the agro-products company and farmers to earn enough revenue. 

The agricultural policies generally employ pre-determined objectives, goals, and pathways propelled by the government. Here are some of the ideas that the Indian government needs to include in their agricultural planning before unleashing another policy – 

  • The fall in cost or price should be prevented in case of over-production. 
  • The interest of the farmers and the agro-products company needs to be protected. It can be done by providing them a minimum expense of something during the situation of a sudden fall in price. 
  • The policy should be ideal for the farmers to increase their revenue generation and become stable in the market. 

Some of the factors that should be kept in mind while preparing the policy are – 

  • The situation of demand and supply 
  • The overall expense of production 
  • The alterations in the input costs 
  • Inter-crop price parity 
  • The condition of the international market 
  • The current trends in market-based prices 
  • Living costs in the country 

Similar to the policies, a well-polished regulatory form can help the farmers and agro-products companies to minimize the losses effectively. Owing to the same type of results, following the above-mentioned aspects will be adequate enough for the Indian government. 

Benefits of a Farmers’ Agency 

Previously, the importance of a  wasn’t effective. However, since the beginning of the previous decade, the scenario has changed entirely. The presence of a farmer’s agency bolsters the standpoint of a farmer and unites them throughout the whole country. 

In addition, it also aids them in offering their viewpoint on the current agricultural scenario to a higher authority. Moreover, it also becomes easier for them to get insurance or loan without having to worry about any consequential limitations. 

Last yet not least, the proficiency of an agro products company may also increase due to the emergence of the same. So, all in all, it might change the course of agriculture in India and improve the technical infrastructure even more. 


According to AgriFarms, the best agro-products company in India, the current condition of Indian agriculture needs improvement. Therefore, it is quite essential for the government to review the aforementioned aspects and implement them carefully. They may not be successful at their first attempt. However, if they are meticulous and efficient, then the course of agriculture in India will definitely improve more.

JS Bin