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The cosmos of agriculture and agro-products in India is still quite unorganized to a massive extent. The issue of fragmented landholdings and utmost reliance on unreliable monsoon season is making life even more difficult for the farmers. 

The introduction of technology has, indeed, improved the infrastructural facility a bit more than usual. Nevertheless, it does not seem to be adequate to fix the broken credit market of agricultural society.  

Nonetheless, the agro products suppliers and communities can offer their expertise and assistance in this aspect. With their overall proficiency and technical know-how, they can put a stop to everything that is stifling the growth of the agricultural world. 

Here are some ways in which they can do so. 

1. Offering Financial Assistance to the Farmers 

The farmers tend to have an erratic and unpredictable cash flow. They generally obtain a small sum of money during the end of a crop cycle. However, the amount that they usually earn after five months almost equals the sum of money that they had sent in the cultivating season. Hence, if they do not get credit at different time intervals to cover their input expense, then their overall productivity will be affected. 

The agro products suppliers can help out fellow farmers by offering them some form of financial assistance to keep them going. Moreover, the adoption of smartphones can aid in diminishing the cost of serviceability while providing credit to cultivators. Lowering the price of various agro-product options can also pose to be a form of financial assistance for the farmers. Lastly, the agricultural loaning system should be reformed, as well. 

Currently, the interest rate of agricultural loans is pretty high. However, if any of the suppliers of the agro product were to work alongside a Financing service, then they could take care of all the limitations regarding this issue. For example, Adani Capital Limited and AgroStar have begun a joint venture and are trying to agricultural loans at a lower interest rate.  

2. Providing Advisory Knowledge 

Modern-day customers are more aware of the freshness of vegetables and fruits than before. Thus, in most cases, they tend to opt for organically-grown products instead of other options. Nevertheless, the current agricultural market has an intricate supply chain with a lot of mediators in it. These people tend to obtain a huge chunk of profit while the farmers do not make enough revenue to buy the agro product and tools at all.  

Offering technological knowledge and advisory know-how can prompt the farmers in cultivating high-quality farms. This way, it would be easier for them to sell their products in a prominent marketplace and fetch a decent amount of money through it. Besides, assistance from the suppliers of the agro product can help in reinvigorating the broken supply chain among the farmers. 

An organization, which has been leading from the front in this aspect, is Agrifarms. The company has re-engineered the whole agricultural product value chain to make supplying and accumulating money much more feasible for the farmers. They are also trying to develop the Agri-ecosystem internationally to foster the progress of the agricultural society. 

3. Implementation of Technology

Last yet not least, the usage of advanced technology, such as blockchain, satellite imagery, and AI, can improve agricultural growth as well. Moreover, the suppliers of the agro products can also develop a partnership with an AgriTech organization to build up an alternative lending platform. It can offer a competitive advantage to the farmers and help them in amplifying the quality of the agricultural credit market. 


The demand for the agricultural market has been growing quite prominently for the last few years. However, the critical condition of the farmers has remained the same. So, the AgriTech start-ups need to step up in this aspect and show their support to the backbone of our country and help them in growing even more.

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