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Agriculture is an important sector in India, contributing around 18% to the country’s GDP. However, the sector is facing several challenges, including a decreasing need for agricultural products due to increasing urbanization and a changing climate. To address these issues, farmers in India are turning to innovative solutions that will not only help them maintain their current levels of production but also grow their businesses. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these solutions and how they are helping to minimize the loss in agriculture in India.

There are several factors that can hurt the production and revenue generation of Indian agriculture wholesale companies. For example, the issue of abrupt climate change can decline in agricultural yields. Aside from it, the increase in the number of pests might lower the efficiency in producing and storing grains. 

In addition, the aspects of indebtedness and price volatility may also maximize the loss of the Indian agricultural sector. Hence, if you want to boost your revenue production, then you will need to follow the effective rules. Here is what you need to know about them! 

1. Develop Your Warehouse

Like the equipment and techniques, the warehouse, too, plays a substantial role in agriculture. It helps you in keeping your produced grains safe from the harshness of the climate and be the prey of pests. Hence, like any other agriculture wholesale company, it becomes imperative for you to improve the same. For example, you could add cold storage in the warehouse to store the highly-sensitive food there. Besides, you may add pest preventive measures to it too. This way, it will be easier for you to protect foods and reduce loss prominently. 

2. Irrigate Smartly 

The uprising of water scarcity has been quite evident since the last decade. Hence, if you do not irrigate smartly, then it might be almost impossible for you to grow crops efficiently. The Indian states, such as Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, etc., are considered to be susceptible to weather changes. So, the agriculture wholesale companies, which belong to these regions, should use better irrigation systems, like sprinklers and dripping. Effective water management can be crucial in this aspect as well. 

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3. A Proper Crop Insurance

It is true that there are several farmer-centric insurances available in India. However, they are almost ineffective against climate change and offer only a small amount of protection. So, the Indian government has to come up with a well-polished insurance idea, which can minimize the loss of bad yields. Additionally, it also needs to have a long-term and low-premium cover to protect the revenue of the smaller agriculture wholesale companies. If the whole insurance system does not get an overhaul soon, then it will be difficult to save the agricultural industry. 

4. Minimize the Post-Harvest Loss

The issue of post-harvest loss is more prevalent within the MSMEs, which do not have an adequate amount of budget to implement large-scale processing. However, there is a solution to it. To begin with, the smaller agriculture wholesale companies can opt for local processing to improve their delivery speed. It, in turn, can reduce the risk of post-harvest loss effectively. Moreover, there are various preservation technologies available out there as well, which can prolong the shelf-life of the grains. Smart packaging can also be key to saving fruits and vegetables proficiently.  

Agriculture is an important part of India’s economy, and the sector has been hit hard by the global recession. In order to minimize the loss and get agriculture back on track, the government has launched a number of initiatives. Here are some of the most important ones, and what they entail.


Finding a solution to the issue of climate change can, indeed, be difficult. So, it will be better if you could deliver all of your goods as quickly as possible. You can partner up with this aspect. Because of being of the most capable agriculture wholesale companies in India, they can augment your production efficiency. They also have a high-end delivery infrastructure. So, your items will be delivered without the risk of being decayed. So, if you need any assistance in this aspect, then be sure to drop a mail to AgriFarms quickly. Good luck! 

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