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Many farmers and gardeners are unaware of how improper use of fertilizer is detrimental to their crops. Most farmers make the habit of applying only the fertilizer with the macro nutrients, not using any of the other nutrients. If plants are not growing well, fertilizing will help them only when nutrient deficiency is causing the issue. Plants growing in poor drainage soil, under too much shade, or competing with the roots of trees will not respond to fertilizer.

The best protection from salt/fertilizer damage is to get soil tests and follow the fertilizer recommendations. A soil test is the only accurate way to determine how much fertilizer is needed in every single yard. Soil tests also will direct a farmer on exactly how much fertilizer to apply. If garden soil has not been tested, apply 2 to 3 pounds of a fertilizer like 10–20-10 to each 100 square feet of the gardening area.

If using organic fertilizer, such as manure from the farmyard, spread evenly throughout the garden area and mix into the soil. Choosing a suitable fertilizer should be determined by the soil conditions and plants that need nutrients. To know which fertilizer is needed by the oil palm, soil needs should be tested every now and then, so as to understand which nutrients are being depleted. Some fertilizers may fix soil pH so that it is more neutral and better suited to the growth of the palms.

With Foliar Fertilization, the lack of nutrients can be corrected rapidly. It is important to supply the nutrients that are lacking with the help of a fertiliser if you are looking for high production. Farmers usually consider applying NPK only for fertilizer, overlooking the importance of other important nutrients and micronutrients. Farmers using these types of fertilisers do not experience their expected yield increases, and, in some cases; these inferior fertilizers may pollute soils and kill plants.

Since slight excess potassium does not harm plants, using complete fertilizer is generally better. For instance, excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer on crops can hinder a plants ability to make use of potassium, which generally results in lower harvests. The correct tomato fertilizer needs to deliver natural nutrients that the plants are craving. Applying fertilizer once harvesting season is over might not be so great, since an excess of nutrients that are not being used by your primary crops may encourage weeds and pest plants to grow.

For instance, 74% of farmers in Shandong province and 47% of those in Shanxi province blamed the rise of chemical fertilizer usage on a decrease in the use of organic fertilizer and a need to offset a decrease in soil fertility. Explain suggests that the indigenous farmers primarily applied fertilizer according to their usual practices modified by their personal judgements about crops, weather, and soil conditions. Crop growth conditions were considered one of the factors for decision-making on fertilizer applications by over 80 percent of farmers across the five counties of east-central China, and soil fertility was considered by over 65 percent across all five regions, with the exception of 47 percent in Anhui.

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