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During the pandemic, there has been a disruption in the supply chain of goods globally that made it difficult for agri-cultural logistics to serve the customers. However, with the introduction of B2B services for logistics, farmers can now directly contact shipping agents and get their products out into the market. This also solves the storage issues of perishable crops. 

B2B models connect farmers to wholesale buyers. This means that farmers can now eliminate the need to sell their produce through middlemen, and book the margin themselves. 

B2B websites also allow shops and grocers to buy products directly from the farmers. Companies that use agri produce to make their products can contact farmers directly to buy raw materials. B2B empowers farmers to keep an eye on their cash outflow by tracking the cost of fertilizers, seeds, agricultural machinery, etc. 

B2B websites help small to medium farmers by providing financing services. The capital can help farmers scale up their businesses. 

Recent developments in B2B technology

Some B2B services are providing agricultural software as a service (SaaS). What does this mean? This means that innovations like drone mapping of harvest fields and IoT mapping will be offered to farmers through their services. The goal for most B2B websites is to create an ‘all solutions under one roof type of interface. 

Agriculture e-commerce startups are also integrating features like

  • Blockchain
  • Data science and analytics  
  • The image analysis and machine learning

These features will help address common supply chain issues. Farmers are happy with the innovations and developments that are taking place in the Agri e-commerce realm. The Agri technology sector is set to grow by 28 percent this year. Increased capital venture funding to these agri companies means that farmers can access this B2 B software at a cheaper rate.

Agri-fulfillment software enables the manufacturing of agricultural products. This software is used by farmers and traders to sell their products on a B2B marketplace platform. It has become an important part of the agriculture sector in India because it helps in giving transparency to both parties involved in the transaction.

Agri-fulfillment software is used by manufacturers, sellers, and buyers of agricultural products. This software helps manufacturers, sellers, and buyers to connect with each other and make transactions easier, faster, and more transparent. Agri-fulfillment software can be used for any type of product, whether it’s fresh produce or processed food items such as spices or pulses etc.

The main function of agri-fulfillment software is to provide a platform for farmers/producers and traders/consumers who want to buy directly from farmers without having to go through third parties such as wholesalers or retailers. It allows producers to sell directly to consumers without any middlemen involved in the process which results in higher profits for both parties involved (producers & consumers).


The Indian Agri fulfillment and financing sector is witnessing huge growth and Agrifarms & Kisanlends is a pioneer in this industry. The website is simple to use and has an easy-to-understand interface. We allow you to check the Mandi/wholesale rates of agricultural goods. AgriFarms also provides logistics and financing services that allow an agri-based business to scale up its operations.

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