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This article discusses the use of battery sprayers for various tasks. Topics covered include using a battery sprayer for gardening, using a battery sprayer for hosing down decks, using a battery sprayer for cleaning cars, and more.

Crop nutrition and pest and disease management have become necessary aspects of the farmers in agriculture today with the constantly increasing crop production. Therefore a battery sprayer has become one of the important agricultural equipment which is a suitable and cost-effective way to manage these aspects.

The sprayer is a device used to spray liquids such as insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. in agriculture to protect the crop from pest attack and to provide crop nutrients. These sprayers are widely used in agriculture, plantations, gardens, horticulture, etc., and also have multiple applications which require minimum effort and generate high pressure.

Battery sprayers have components like a chargeable battery, sprayer pump, spray nozzle, liquid tank, valves, fluid plumbing, and pressure regulator. These sprayers come in various performance specifications, designs, and sizes that help to cover a small area to large areas of land.

Battery-powered sprayer

Sprayers make use of technology by using the rechargeable battery instead of the conventional handle-lever systems to provide relief to farmers. These sprayers come with several different battery types which weigh less and are cost-efficient. Some battery sprayers feature removable batteries, where you can easily charge the battery without having to bring the sprayer in. Battery sprayers also come with a double battery system which makes them more efficient than other sprayers(Manuel).

Easy to Understand

Battery sprayer requires less manpower which makes them easy to use as the models come with the pump control feature so as to control the speed of the pump output that suits your spraying needs. Some models come with just an on/off switch and others come with the pressure controller feature, which includes a regulator/ speed controller where you can regulate the discharge of liquid from the nozzle. This feature of the battery sprayer makes it easily accessible.

Cost Saving up to 35%

Battery sprayers come with reliable pumps and chargeable battery system features which tend to save money and time in the longer term and are extensively easy to use and cost-efficient.

List of points on Care and Maintenance of Agriculture Sprayer
  • All washers should be soaked in oil or water before use.
  • The ends of the spray nozzle should be unscrewed and cleaned before starting the work.
  • When spraying is over, the sprayer should be operated for sometimes with the clean water to remove sediments from the pressure vessel and
  • In the case of power sprayers, special attention should be taken to the following
  • The lubricating oil of the engine should be changed as per the user manual.
  • Do not disturb the packing until a leak is observed.
  • The spray pump should not be worked at more than recommended pressure.
  • The oil level in the pump of the engine should be checked and all grease points should be greased once a day.
  • Recommended oils and fuels should always be used in the engine.
  • The spray nozzle and spray gun should be thoroughly cleaned after use. Either by blowing through it or by using fine bristle.

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