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As a result, I put together this list of 12 Tomato Growing Secrets you can implement in your own backyard for healthier plants, bigger yields, and less work. While some of these tomato growing secrets relate to tips on planting tomatoes and soil health, others are focused on how to care for your tomato plants appropriately during the growing season.


Tomato plants need a constant supply of nourishment during the growing season, so gardeners must make sure that the garden beds are adequately prepared with the proper soil, and that fertilizer applications are scheduled accordingly. Whichever method you decide on, make sure you fertilize tomato plants every couple weeks or so during the growing season, giving them the much-deserved boost they need. Every few weeks (or as directed by your packet), smother your plants with either a foliar fertilizer (such as my favorite liquid fertilizer made from kelp and fish, or a compost tea you can easily make at home) or apply them to a lateral application of good, granular fertilizer specifically designed for tomatoes or vegetables (I love this).


Once your tomato plants are at least 6 inches tall (any lower, they are liable to get crushed), lay down a generous layer of organic mulch over the soil, taking care not to pack it up around the stems. Another option is to spread one cup around the base of the tomato plants, working it into the top three inches of the soil with your trowel.


Give your tomato plants ample room by planting them in amended soil with at least twenty-four inches of space between each plant. If you want to increase the yields from your tomatoes, ensure that the plants are given plenty of space to grow.


If you are growing more than one tomato plant, and are committed to a low-maintenance garden, as GrowJourney is, then there is no need to nip tomato plants. The trouble is, tomatoes are also one of the hardest plants to grow, especially for first-time gardeners. Tomatoes are the crop of choice for many home gardeners, and beginner gardeners may have some success growing their first tomatoes.


Tomatoes can be planted much deeper, as they can develop new roots anywhere along the stalk. Planting tomatoes deeper into the soil helps plants grow extra roots that will take up more nutrients and water. These tips for growing tomatoes also encourage faster, healthier growth, as plants grow towards the sun, with developed roots planted shallowly so they can maintain heat.


One of the most important things to remember about growing tomatoes is starting with healthy plants. Give your tomato plants regular irrigation (deep, and not frequent, is better than just sprinkled every day), well-draining soil (incorporate generous amounts of compost in beds or containers when you are seeding), lots of heat and light (direct, unobstructed sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours every day is best), and a balanced, slow-release fertilizer designed specifically for tomatoes. Most plants should be planted the same depth at which they were grown as seedlings or young plants.


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