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If you are going to grow bananas, or really any crop, the first thing you should do is to test your soil. Soil tests can help diagnose plant problems, as well as produce high-quality plants. Determining pH levels and fertility levels with a soil test is the first step to planning a sensible fertilizer program.

In addition to collecting soil samples for testing, growers may also be able to capture leachate from containers grown plants using the Pour Thru Method. In the SME, the paste is made using soil and water, then the liquid part (the extract) is separated from the solid part to perform pH, soluble salts, and nutrient analyses. If the soil tests show low Ca levels, levels may be increased with the alternating applications of Ca Nitrates and regular N fertilizer.

This book reports on ways that some of the K in the soil may be restored in soil. Potassium is an essential plant nutrient, and recycling it between plants and soil serves both interests well. Banana plants take in a tremendous amount of potassium from soil, which is distributed amongst the trunk (pseudo-stem) and fruits.

By nature, banana cultivation produces massive amount of biomass, which leads to serious soil potassium depletion. Soil fertility is a major determinant ensuring sustainability in banana cultivation. Using pseudo-stem juices as potash replacements, not only regenerates the soils potash, it increases crop production by at least 10% up to approximately 60%.

Growers apply different amounts of fertilizer and herbicides to their farms, but most of the time, the products are used to the advantage of coffee production, while the banana plants are an indirect beneficiary of their applications. Bananas are fast-growing plants that require a high level of available soil nutrients to develop normally and produce. According to Soto Ballestero and Lahav , the amounts of nutrients provided by the soil and soil-plant exchange systems are insufficient to meet crop requirements, so adequate application of fertilizer is required. A third alternative is to use cover crops, which suppress the weed growth, provide structural complexity and insect habitat, and can, in some cases, fix nitrogen into the soil.

Clinic Agro says that, in the one year since it was created, its mobile kits have tested the soil quality on almost one thousand farms across Cameroon. The aim of the effort is to identify changes in the chemical properties of a soil amended with biosolids, and its impact on nutrient levels in the banana crop, in its first growing cycle. Since the export farmers do not publicly provide data about management practices of the banana farms, the interview method and observations were the most reliable means to gain the information for testing the study hypotheses.

Cameroon farmer Rodel Simeu said that he would relocate to a new plot, test a new soil sample, then switch to crops other than plantain. Because knowing the farmers soil means being able to protect their investments, cut down pesticides and input costs, and increase crop productivity and farm profitability.


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